Please find our disclaimer and helpful information below.

To provide VIP service for room reservations, we ask that you arrive 15 minutes prior to your reservation in order to start your party on time.

All packages come with a 2-hour unlimited flow of drinks, each package starts with 2 drink options and are interchangeable (within package options) when empty. Beverages are served in carafes or pitchers.

• Prices do not include service charge & sales tax.
• Available food & drinks may vary.
• Foods from other venues are not permitted unless otherwise specified and notified prior.
• Birthday cakes are allowed, utensils will not be provided.
• Coat check is mandatory when coat check attendant is present. There is no fee for this service.
ALL GUESTS must be 21 and older

• Any reservation cancelled within 48 hours will receive 50% CANCELLATION FEE of the total cost for cancellation/food prep for no show; last minute cancellations.

• All package deals are paid and CC & ID will be returned when the rented equipment is returned
• All guests that enter your private suite will be accounted for.
• Total payments must be made either ALL CASH OR CREDIT CARD.

• Business casual and in good taste – hoodies, hats, athletic sneakers, flip-flops, work-boots, oversized clothing/sportswear not permitted.
• Entry is solely at the doorman’s discretion. Reservations do not guarantee entry.